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On-line marketing

The goal of online marketin is to achieve a high number of visitiors and then conversion of websites or e-shops so that a your website will be on first places of search engines with keywords that you need.

The are two most commont and effective ways to online marketing. The first one is SEO (search engine optimalization) which is a set of techniques to get better visibility of your website throught unpaid search results. Websites are created and further optimalized so that search engines place the website as high as possible.

The second way is the use of PPC (pay per click) – a sponsored text link is shown in search engines. It can look like text, banner or video advertisement. PPC (pay-per-click) of Seznamu is called Sklik and of Googl is called AdWords. PPC is a term used for whole advertising programmes.

We can also help you to set advertising with Facebook Pixel.

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