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Website creation

Visual linked with usability

A website must not only "look nice", but it must be also easy to use and work for you - make visitors into your paying customers. That is why we design websites individually according to needs of our each client and his business.

Our websites have a clear structure that makes sense and are easy to navigate - visitor can always find what he needs quickly.

Frontend development

We create HTML templates tailored to each client. We use 21st century technologies. Templates are always responsive and work well both on computers and on touchscreen devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. We write our websites error free which could affect the performance.

We use only selected plugins which don't slow the website. Thanks to that our websites load with the speed of light.

Custom programming, connection e-shops not only with Pohoda or Helios

Our strong know how is connection our e-shops to accounting and storage systems such as Helios, Pohoda, APLS, Altus Vario and others.

We focus on every detail which is why visual and content part of each project must be in perfect harmony. Website presentation created by us is clear, easy to use, accessible and secure thanks to our own CMS system called Hana.

We can help you to build original website, e-shop or online product catalog.
We also create storage systems, intranets and everything else what is needed which we can connect to scanners or thermal printers.

We know that by creating your new website our cooperation only begins, that is why we offer service support of our projects as part of our service agreements.

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